Online SMARTtrain courses

Online courses are suited to people who have reliable internet access, practical computer skills and a valid email address.

The courses require the student to watch videos and tutorials, read fact sheets and reference books before attempting the learning activities and assessment tasks.

Assessment is a combination of quiz questions and uploading photos or videos and completed forms and records.

The courses offered online are:

Level 3 Chemical Application

AHCCHM303 - Prepare and apply chemicals

AHCCHM304 - Transport and store chemicals

Level 3 Chemical Application Re-accreditation

Level 4 Chemical Risk Management

AHCCHM401 - Minimise risk in the use of chemicals

AHCCHM402 - Plan and implement a chemical use program.

Advantages of online courses:

  • No need to wait for a course in your region
  • No wasted travel time or travel costs
  • Study at home at times that suit the individual
  • Access to experienced mentors
  • Easier for re-accreditation to be completed before current qualification expires

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