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SMARTtrain® Chemical safety
Course for those working under supervision with hand held equipment.
SMARTtrain® Chemical application
Course for those that apply agricultural or veterinary chemicals in a workplace without supervision
SMARTtrain® Chemical application reaccreditation
Course for those requiring a refresher course at Level 3.
SMARTtrain® Chemical risk management
For people who supervise other people applying agricultural or veterinary chemicals.
SMARTtrain® Online courses
Level 3 Chemical Application
Level 3 Chemical Application reaccreditation
Level 4 Chemical Risk Management

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Notification regarding AQF3 & AQF4 SMARTtrain cards

In the past AQF3 chemical units of competency were reaccredited within an AQF4 chemical course and cards were issued by SMARTtrain with combined AQF4 and AQF3 units of competency printed on the back of card. This no longer occurs and you can no longer receive reaccreditation of AQF3 units of competency within an AQF4 course.

If your AQF4 card has the AQF3 competencies listed then you will need to renew your accreditation at AQF3 level before the expiry date on your AQF4 card.

You will be issued with a separate AQF3 card.Those who have both units of competency now need to hold two cards, one for AQF3 level & one for AQF4 level.