Authorised Control Officers

Special requirements of Authorised Control Officers (ACO's) in NSW 

In 2014 the SMARTtrain National Support Centre was given the role of tracking the training completed by Authorised Control Officers (ACO's), organising Vertebrate Pesticides Introduction training and assessments and issuing cards to those meeting the following five criteria:

  1. Working for an approved organisation eg National Parks or the Local Land Services (LLS)
  2. Competent at Level 3 Chemicals. Re-accredited every 5 years
  3. Competent at Level 4 Chemicals. Re-accredited every 5 years
  4. Completed the Vetebrate Pesticides Introduction course and marked competent. Refreshed every 5 years as per pest control order
  5. Competent in the units covered by the 5 day Vertebrate Pest Management course